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                                               The Virtual Trading Floor® is a
dynamic online community of traders.
Subscribers can listen to audio from professional traders, view
actual position that update in real-time and interact through the
trader chat feature.

what You GET

#1Trader Radios

Allows you to hear what our traders are thinking in real time.

#2Trader Chat

Chat in realtime with hundreds of other traders including T3's professional traders.

#3Trader Positions

Follow each trader in real time as their stock's positions are revealed. Learn from what they do so you can incorporate it in to your own trading style.

#4Screen Share

With our screen share function, you can see what our traders are seeing. They can show you charts, videos, or any image that they want to share. *This is a great tool, especially in our private mentoring rooms

click on program ScreenShot to play review VIDEO

Top Contributors

Marc Sperling Managing Partner

Experience: 15 Years
Style: Fundamental

Mr. Sperling is a well-known figure in the day-trading world. He has been actively trading for 15 years, achieving success since the Asian contagion and beginning of the dot com boom. After gaining notoriety for his success as a broker at Olde Discount Brokers in 1996, he left the firm to pursue his own goals as a trader. After several years of success as a trader at Broadway Trading, in 2000 Mr. Sperling started his own firm, Sperling Enterprises, LLC. Under his direction, in 2007 Sperling Enterprises merged with Nexis Capital to create T3 Capital. Soon thereafter T3 Capital became T3 Trading Group, LLC,a Registered SEC Broker-dealer and Member of the CBOE Stock Exchange (“CBSX”).

Scott Redler Chief Strategic Officer

Experience: 10+ Years
Style: Technical

Mr. Redler has been trading equities for more than 10 years and has more recently received widespread recognition from the financial community for his insightful, pragmatic approach. He began his career as a broker and venture capitalist where he was able to facilitate relationships that led him into trading. Beginning his trading career at Broadway Trading in 1999, mr. Redler moved on with Marc Sperling to Sperling Enterprises, LLC after establishing himself as one of the best young traders in the firm. As a manager at Sperling Enterprises, he maintained his status as a top trader in the industry while working closely with all traders in the firm to dramatically increase performance. His vast knowledge and meticulous attention to detail has led to regular appearances on CNBC, Fox Business and Bloomberg, and he has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and Invest. Mr. Redler’s is currently the Chief Strategic Officer of T3 Live and is a Registered Associated Person of T3 Trading Group, LLC.

Evan Lazarus Chief Knowledge Officer

Experience: 10+ Years
Style: Technical

Mr. Lazarus has been in the equity trading business for 12 years. In 2002 he took a managing director position at Sperling Enterprises, LLC. At Sperling Enterprises, mr. Lazarus, along with Scott Redler, managed the firm's traders and developed its highly successful training program. His core competency lies in understanding the difficult psychological aspect of trading, and his ability to mentor other traders. Mr. Lazarus became a partner in Sperling Enterprises in 2006, and in 2007, he helped facilitate the merger between Nexis Capital and Sperling Enterprises creating the entities known today as T3 Live, LLC and T3 Trading Group, LLC. Mr. Lazurus is the Chief Knowledge Officer of T3 Live, LLC and is a currently a registered T3 Trading Group, LLC Associated Person and T3 Live Contributor.